Adrien Boiret

Postdoc in Computer Sciences
in project VeriLearn at ULB

Research topics

I am currently involved in the VeriLearn project. Its aim is to apply formal verification methods to AI Systems in order to provide guarantees and justifications.
I am also interested in formal languages, and more specifically the study of tree or word transducers, including:
  • The decidability of equivalence, origin-equivalence, and the potential existence of normal forms, for classes of tree transducers that extend the classical top-down definition, and their learnability (in the sense of symbolic learning).
  • The extensions of those methods to wider formalisms on input or output, such as data trees, forests, DAGs...
    (e.g. feature trees to model file systems for the CoLiS Project)


You can find my PhD Thesis (Normalization and learning of transducers on trees and words) here.
You can find a list of my publications in peer-reviewed conferences and journals in the following external links:

Curriculum Vitae

Here is a link to my CV (latest update 01/02/2020)

Contact me

You can contact me at firstname [dot] lastname [at] ulb [dot] ac [dot] be